Welcome To Biology Technology Instruments

Welcome To Biology Technology InstrumentsWelcome To Biology Technology Instruments

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“King” Crown remover

We call our crown remover the “King” because our crown remover is not like other crown removers, Our crown remover is the best crown remover that we know about, Why ?

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Worlds “Best” aspirating Syringe

When you purchase our Syringe you get a unique mechanism that is set to go with a simply twist of the wrist. Our harpoon is proven to hold the matter best . No need to push, shove or bang anymore to get a great fit. It’s just a simple twist of the wrist. Made from the finest surgical quality stainless steel.

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Look for Fin-Das line of Orthodontics Instruments

First time being offered in the United States, The highest quality available today, Only through Biology Technology Instruments

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